"Susan has amazing insight into the properties and uses of crystals. I have purchased many unique and powerfully engerized crystals from Susan for both myself and my son. Susan's guidance with using crystals for challenging life issues has been invaluable to us! I'm so grateful for her knowledge, energy, and compassion!" ~Kathleen Spencer, New York



"I have known Susan M. Chu for several years now. She truly never ceases to amaze me with her knowledge and insights into crystals!! (As well as her extremely keen sense of intuition.) Her expertise on crystals of all types and her vast experience with each of their energies is amazing!! She knows which crystals emit the energy needed for ailments, issues and desires. I always enjoy spending time with Susan and I always learn something new from her that I apply to my life." ~Deborah Spencer, New York



"Although she has studied and apprenticed extensively, Susan has a deep knowing about crystals that comes from within. She has great intuition that I often tap into when requiring some crystal knowledge. She has great integrity and an authentic desire to help others – a true energy healer."  – Maureen K. Calamia, feng shui author, teacher, consultant, New York



"Susan amazes me each and every time she does a workshop. Her knowledge of crystals and stone is unbelievable. Her ability to match stones with your energy and your needs amazes me. If you are looking for someone to educate you on crystals, I would recommend talking to Susan first. She is the only person I go to." ~ Jessica Harris, owner of Glowing Energy, New York



"Susan's knowledge and insight have provided me with a deep understanding of the why and how the stones resonate with me.  Yes, she knows the simple book information but she also knows the deeper truths and how the stone can assist in real life. She knew specific stones that align with my needs. Her Crystal First Aid plus my own personal stones have brought an energetic shift and alignment to my own energy and vibration. If you are being called to know more about crystals, working and learning with Susan is life changing." ~ Rhonda F., Illinois



"Susan Chu has a wonderful knowledge of crystals;  I trust her to tell me which crystal is right for me when I need it.  Her extensive knowledge of crystals blended with intuition makes her a very reliable crystal healer/teacher to go to.  We communicate via distance and if I were close I would be the first to book in for crystal/crystal reiki workshops or creating grids.  Even the first aid with crystals is a wonderful tool Susan has created." ~ Cassandra Hansen, Australia



" Susan expertly performed a Feng Shui Consultation and Space Clearing to assist with the sale of my business. The relatable Feng Shui concepts she offered, along with the level of detail for recommendations to bring in a new buyer, resulted in quite an extraordinary experience. 


" The clearing and blessing ceremonies she graciously performed left my heart full of pure love and joy. And…within a few short weeks the perfect buyer appeared! I am eternally grateful for Susan’s knowledge-sharing, expertise and compassion during this life-changing event. " ~ S.T. New Jersey



" When my family and I moved out of the city into our first real home, one of my first calls was to Susan. Before we even met, she sent a detailed questionnaire for myself and my husband to fill out. She arrived at our home completely prepared and pulling a suitcase full of treasures! She shared the outcome of our questionnaire and proceeded to go through our home with us, room by room. She had detailed suggestions for each room, as well as several assignments for us to complete (which are still a work in progress!). Lastly, she blessed our home: a fun ritual that the whole family (including our 3 year old) could participate in. One of our biggest wishes was to have another child and within 4 months of Susan visiting (and one month after my 44th birthday) we found out I was pregnant! If you believe that you can intentionally direct your life through energy and action, I would highly recommend Susan as a partner. " ~ J.C. - South Orange, NJ



" Our consultation with Susan was both enlightening and so very helpful. Her process begins with a detailed questionnaire provided prior to meeting. This questionnaire helped a great deal in organizing our thoughts, needs, and concerns, and helped Susan prepare for a thoughtful and constructive consultation. Her visit was thorough, and her observations and recommendations were sensitive, relevant and completely doable in terms of making positive changes in her home, and in our lives. She has a very calm and kind presence which I found reassuring. She was generous with both her time and concern for our well-being. Within days of meeting we received a detailed report recapping some of her suggestions from our visit, while also adding new and detailed observations and instructions that we could follow easily. It’s a wonderful reference that we have found helpful as we continue to be mindful of our surroundings, and ways that we can enhance our space. I highly recommend Susan. " ~ B.Z.- New York, NY



" I really enjoyed my consultation with Susan. We had talked prior to her visiting my apartment/office, and when she arrived it was better than I expected. She asked questions, I answered; I asked questions, she answered. She gave me helpful tips, and I received a fully-detailed list of what we discussed so I could attract more in the areas I requested. I would definitely recommend working with Susan. Her professionalism, compassion, calm, and attention to detail stand out as qualities key to Feng Shui and in life. " ~ A.N. - New York, NY



"I had a wonderful session with Susan. I am a real estate broker and I had clients bring in a Fang Shui consultant before purchasing a home. Susan offered to come to my office and make suggestions how organizing my work area can create success and a peaceful work environment. Her suggestions were very practical and helpful even from an organizational point of view. I enjoyed her calm and generous presence so much so that I asked her for a Crystal Healing session. I must say, I was very surprised by how relaxed I became during the treatment. I meditate regularly and her applying healing with beautiful rocks and crystals brought about the same experience. I highly recommend her services." ~ G.W. - New York, NY



"I had no experience with Feng Shui prior to working with Susan, but was open and curious. She educated me on its principles and how it can help us to attract the things we want by creating a more harmonious environment. I was so impressed with the depth of her knowledge and experience. She made really interesting and practical suggestions for my home and business. I learned you can apply the principles of Feng Shui to your desk, and even to your website! Whether you’d like to attract love, good health, success, prosperity, or general wellness, Susan can help you create the energy to achieve these things." 


C.G. - New York, NY



"Working with Susan was so great! I had expected her to want to rearrange my whole apartment but she was creative in how to get the elements (fire, water, earth, metal) to where they needed to be. She gave me some very helpful tips on how to attract more love and money and them seem to be working!!! I highly recommend working with Susan - not only for her Feng Shui knowledge but because she is a wonderful person!" ~ A.P. - New York, NY



"As someone new to crystal reiki, I found the experience to be relaxing and cleansing. For the duration of my appointment with Susan, I felt encouraged to clear my mind--not only to forget my worries, but to put them in her hands for a short time. She is extremely knowledgeable about each of the crystals, and she explained what she had felt and the benefits of some of the specific crystals. In my case, there was a specific area of my life I was looking for clarity in, and she was able to identify how I was holding myself back and what I could do to overcome that hurdle. She has a very calming presence, and it was clear from the minute we started speaking that her mission is to help people." ~ L.F. - New York, NY



“A while ago Susan Chu of One Peace Sancturay piqued my interest when she told me that she also provides website Feng Shui services. Curious to find out what this was about, I hired her to Feng Shui a new site design we are developing for DivaDesign.com. I was amazed by the suggestions and clear input she provided! She gave an analysis and diagrams that helped us in selecting visual subject matters for the whole site. We look forward to implementing the suggestions given by Susan in the months to come. In hindsight, it is a logical shift from spacial environments to online or virtual spaces, the need to create natural flows of movement through those spaces and with it our energy. As a web design studio, we are now including Feng Shui services by Susan as optional line items in our website design proposals.” ~ S.S. – New York, NY



"Susan is a very gifted intuitive healer who can combine a breadth of modalities all the way from Feng Shui to Crystal Reiki to Shamanic journeying. She was pivotal in my healing from the traumatic and sudden loss of my husband. I instantly felt that I could trust her to provide me insight only for my highest good. What I love about Susan is that I can relate to her easily. She has provided me very practical tools to enhance my own spiritual development and deal with life challenges. After every session I come away feeling more empowered and equipped to deal with life. Susan's presence in my life has been a real gift." ~ N.W. - New York NY



" I cannot thank you enough for the consultation you've completed for me several months earlier. You did an amazing job with your input, explanations, and recommendations to improve my health and career sectors. You’ve provided us with alternative thoughtful solutions which were practical and doable. The way you’ve approached my project with an open mind and by asking good questions, I think you have a thorough understanding and insight of my objectives and needs. I have slowly implemented and integrated your suggestions. The results are not immediate, but I do feel a lot lighter and things are starting to improve. Thank you again for your help. I hope to have you complete another consultation in the near future (when we buy another home) and I will definitely recommend your services to friends, especially to those who are planning to move into new place. "  ~ T.T. - Boston MA



" Susan Chu is a Healer’s healer. I’m Reiki 2 Certified and have invested time to train in other modalities. As a healer, it’s important that I take care of myself so that I’m in the best possible place to give and receive. Taking care of myself involves crystal reiki. Last year, I did a lot of work on my heart chakra and the crystal Susan intuitively recommended "Hiddenite" produced amazing physical sensations. I felt my heart opening and experienced a tremendous emotional release. It was scary at first…but, once the release came, I experienced a state of grace like no other. I highly recommend Susan Chu for Crystal Reiki sessions. " ~ O.C. - New York, NY



" I cannot say enough good things about Susan’s consultation. Susan will ask many detailed questions. It may seem pointless for those who don’t fully understand Feng Shui but believe me you will be glad you answered everything in detail. She came back with a list of suggestions that I still use to this day. Susan is thorough and painstakingly detailed in what you can do to best remedy the situation. I appreciate the complete interest she takes in my problems without showing any form of judgment as we discussed many intimate issues and she was professional to a fault while remaining compassionate and kind in her responses. Her kindness and character are reflected in the job she will perform for her client. " ~ S.B. - Houston TX

Susan M. Chu



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