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What is your favorite oil?

We personally love the ROSE OIL. It’s high vibrational, pure, and we ADD IT to our very popular and always requested Love Spray.

Excellent for space clearing, getting rid of negative energy, and perfect for a good night sleep.

Check out Rocky Mountain’s Oil.


Great prices

Earn points & redeem for oils.

Get 10% on your first order.

(Please note: we do get a small commissiion on your first order, frist order only.)




We absolutely love our Soji bottles. They make the PERFECT gift everytime. We love that we can infuse our drinking water with the high vibrational energy of the crystals. Makes every sip that much more special. 


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Please note: we do get a small commissiion on your first order.)



Please note: we do get a small commissiion on your first order.)


Sandra Medium is our recommended go-to Psychic Medium. She is well above her peers. not only in the quality of her readings, but also in her ()vibrational) energy. She is, what we would considered, a 5D psychic medium. 


She provides readings focused on the positives and avoid, or try to avoid "negative" readings. She feels alot of us are inundated with bad news already (in our lives and what's reported on the news.

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