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February 19, 2016

Set Yourself Free


What's your cage?



February 16, 2016

As I Stand in my Own Truth


We are all humans.

We all have faults and shortcomings.

We can let those define us or we can rise above them.

The choice is yours.

How do you choose to leave a mark in this world?



February 3, 2016

Do You Ever Wonder...?



January 31, 2016



One of the least recognizable form of clutter is E-Clutter.

What is the tally of unread emails in your inbox?



January 14, 2016

Be You!


Show the world who you are. 



December 31, 2015

Happy New Year!



November 24, 2015




November 24, 2015

What is your home saying about you?



November 10, 2015



If you were given an opportunity to change one area of your life, what would it be and why?



November 2, 2015

Feng Shui Living


Finding peace between Heaven & Earth

How do you find peace in your life?



August 1, 2015


Finding You Again


Are you lost?

Did you make a wrong turn somewhere and lose your way?

Were you always taking other people’s advice and now wonder why you’re unhappy?

Did you plan out every detail of your life but happiness still eludes you?

When was the last time you felt truly happy? Truly connected to your soul?


Take some time out now to connect with yourself.


What do you love to do but haven’t done in a while?

What cultures and new territories can you explore?

What sights excite your heart?

What have you always wanted to do if options were unlimited?

What is on your bucket list?


Fueling passion in your life has many lasting benefits. It makes us excited to be alive. It gives us a sense of connectedness. It aligns our heart with our soul. It also has many benefits to those around us. As we become happier, our happiness spreads. As we fuel our passion, we motivate others to fuel theirs. As we live our dreams, we inspire others to live theirs. As we find ourselves, we give reasons for others to do the same. There is nothing better in life than knowing who we are, what makes us passionate, and what inspires us.



July 23, 2015


Being Happy


Happiness is not a destination as we have been told many times. Happiness is a state of mind which we choose to embrace. It’s a state where we choose to see the world through rose-colored glasses. It’s a state where we see the glass half-full. When we are happy, we spread joy and laughter all around. When we are happy, our heart sings, our soul transcends, our mind is free, and we become like a bird that soars up in the sky. Happiness is a frame of mind.



July 21, 2015


Free as a Bird


Have you noticed how birds live?

They create homes with twigs and leaves. They are all natural.

They love their homes, yet they are not attached to them.

They gather food every day, taking only what they need.

They don’t hoard.

They fly with the wind, going with the flow.

They quench their thirst wherever and whenever they can.

They follow their instinct to survive.

They protect their young, teach them to fly and gather food. 

When it’s time, they let go and push their offspring out into the world.

Birds are not concerned with who has the most beautiful home.

Birds don’t care who has the most beautiful wings.

Birds thrive, survive, being one with nature, and flourish.

Be free as a bird. 



June 25, 2015




Courage cannot be purchased with money. It cannot be given by others (though they can empower you). There is no magic pill that you can take. It’s not the feeling of superiority while holding a weapon. Courage is the actions that you take every day. It can be small or great. It is standing up for yourself and for those around you. It is protecting the young, the frail, and those who cannot protect themselves. Courage is not always taking the easy way out. We make decisions every day, some impacting us only, others impacting far more people than we realized. Every action has a cascading effect. Make yours count.



June 25, 2015


Living Authentically


Many of us are not taught to follow our own passion and to allow our own intuition to guide us. Instead, we were told the opposite. We were told to play it safe, to follow the rules, and do what everybody else is doing. We were told to work hard and not to make waves. We were told we were too young to know any better.


Yet, ten, fifteen, or twenty years later, we realize we have been living a lie. We have orchestrated a life based not upon truths, but upon fears. We are living a life orchestrated by others that does not take our own needs, interests, or passion into account. We are not living authentically from our soul and we wonder why we are not happy.


If you want to break that cycle and be truly happy, you have to live from your soul. You have to make decisions and take actions that might go against what society dictates. You have to take full responsibility for every action, and inaction, you choose. You have to live fully present and not give your power away to others. You must make choices based upon your own soul calling. Living authentically will bring you the greatest joys in life.



June 25, 2015


The Unbroken Path


As we take the road less traveled, we’ll see some familiar faces, kindred spirits following their own paths, seeking the same truths that we are seeking; discovering new joys; releasing past traumas. They walk ahead of us, sometimes at our side, other times behind us. It matters not where they are in relation to where we are. There will always be some who are far ahead, achieving greatness on behalf of mankind, making strides improving the greater good; healing all. We can only follow our own path in our own time. As we overcome our shadows and accept the duality in us, furthering our own personal development, gaining a greater sense of clarity, we will lead those who wish to follow. As those ahead of us trudge through unbroken paths, they show us the way. We will show their paths to those willing to travel. It is neither glamorous nor comfortable, but it is a path for the courageous, the compassionate, and for those who wish to make a difference in this world.



May 5, 2015




Change is a big theme lately especially with this Scorpio moon in May.
We are being pushed past our comfort level.
We are being told to let go, to release, and to change with each wave of changes.
There is no what was before. There is no going back.
We can choose to stand still or we can move forward.
We can choose to be left behind or to be part of the future.
Change is the word of today, this week, this month, this year, this decade.
We all have felt a pull to move into unknown territory.
Some of us went willing, some of us went screaming, some of us have simply withdrawn.
Regardless of whether you accept change or not, it is here. It is the norm.
Embrace it and life will be easier. Refuse it and you will be kicking and screaming all the way.
There is no going back to what was. There is only one direction. It is forward.
Take heart that you are not alone. We are all being called to step up our game and roar rather than to hide in the shadows.
Legends are made by people who take chances.
Will you become a legend?



March 23, 2015


Poverty mentality


Being poor is not just about not having enough money.
Being poor is the mentality that we don't have enough.
You might not have a lot but still feel abundantly prosperous. 
You might have millions but feel impoverish.
If you truly want prosperity, you must change how you think about money. 
It's not about the money. 
It's about how you think.
Believe you are abundantly prosperous and you are.
Believe you are impoverished and you are.
What do you believe?


November 26, 2014


Let go


The greatest gift to give ourselves is to let go.

Let go of the illusion.

Let go of the “should.”

Let go of perfection.

Let go of the rivalry.

Let go of the past mistakes.

Let go of the failed relationships.

Let go of what could have been.

Let go of the arguments.

Just let go.

Something better is around the corner...if only we make room for it. 



October 13, 2014


We all Have Choices in Life


We can choose to be happy

Or we can choose to be not.

Whatever is unsatisfactory in your life,

You have the power to change it.

Taking that first step is always difficult.

Taking the next two steps still takes effort.

Taking the twentieth is a piece of cake.

Your path might be an easy one or it might be a hard one.

If you stumble, pick yourself up and continue (or start over).

Your happiness is worth all those bumps in the road.



October 6,  2014


Silver Spoon


Not every one of us is privileged to be born with a silver spoon in our mouth, or even a bronze, copper, or any spoon, for that matter.

Many of us take having a roof over our heads, food on the table, and a nice place to live, for granted.

Some of us don’t realize until we are homeless, ourselves.

Be thankful.

Show gratitude.

Help the less fortunate,

And the Universe will respond in kind.



September 12,  2014


Do You Dare Start Your Own Revolution?


Do you live by your own rules?

Do you live by your words?

Do you practice what you preach?

Are you truthful?

Are you authentic?

Are you a leader?

Are you an innovator?

Do you inspire others?

Are you motivated to help the world?



August 25,  2014


Being Imperfect Is What Makes Us Perfect


Are you short, tall, fat, skinny,

Intellectual, creative, selfish, selfless,

Ambitious, unmotivated, pushy, pushover,

Introvert, extrovert, confident, shy,

Chatty, soft-spoken, loud, quiet,

Emotional, emotionless, happy, sad,

Pleasant, bitter, angry, calm,

Cordial, frosty, unimaginative, inspirational,

Resourceful, incapable, independent, dependent,

Weak, strong, leader, follower,

Rude, polite, unpleasant, agreeable,

Notorious, distinguished, unknown, well-known,

Affluent, middle class, eager, nervous,

Tense, relaxed, childish, mature,

Foolish, wise, etc…?


Whoever you are,

Whatever combinations you are,

Once you learn to love you for you,

Others will love you for you, too.



August 22,  2014


Do You Dare Start Your Own Revolution?


Do you live by your own rules?

Do you live by your words?

Do you practice what you preach?

Are you truthful?

Are you authentic?

Are you a leader?

Are you an innovator?

Do you inspire others?

Are you motivated to help the world?



July 24, 2014




Do not seek validation from others.

Do not change yourself solely for others.

Do not change your answer just because someone disagrees.


Don’t be afraid to speak your mind.

Don’t be afraid to stand your ground.

Don’t allow others to take your voice.


When you know who you are and be who you are,

You will attract others like you and who accept you for you.



July 12, 2014


Conquering Our Fears


We are often held back because of fear.

Fear of the unknown.

Fear of failure.

Fear of success.

What will become of us if we alter the course of our lives?

Will we be okay?

How can we put faith in something when nothing else has worked before?

What if we fall flat on our faces?

What will other people think of us?


Dreams are meant to be lived.

Dreams are meant to be reached.

Dreams are meant to come true.


Fears can be conquered.

Change is inevitable

Our own opinions matter the most.

For all the naysayers in our lives, we’ll be too busy planning, working, and enjoying our success to even notice.  



July 2, 2014




Do not seek validation from others.

Do not change yourself solely for others.

Do not change your answer just because someone disagrees.


Don’t be afraid to speak your mind.

Don’t be afraid to stand your ground.

Don’t allow others to take your voice.


When you know who you are and be who you are,

You will attract others like you and who accept you for you.



June 21, 2014




Friends come from all places.

Friends can be family members you confide in.

Friends can be the next door neighbor who always brings cookies over.

Friends can be your colleagues that you sneak off with for coffee breaks.

Friends can be the people you met at the yoga studio.

Friends can be your significant partner.

Friends can be your college friends.

Regardless of whom your friends are, the connections that you’ve made can last a lifetime.



June 10, 2014


Making amends and letting go


We all have been culprits and victims of gossip, hurts, backstabbing, lies, falling out, being let go, breaking up, etc…

It is so easy to hold onto that feeling, filled with anger, sadness, hate, hurt, whatever,

The feeling rushing through our veins.

It’s so easy to keep it bottled up.

It’s so easy to feel victimized.

When we hold onto emotions of the past, we aren’t letting ourselves heal.

When we hold onto emotions of the past, we aren’t letting the future in.

It’s important to honor our feelings.

It’s important to let them go.

Find a way to release the energy that is anchoring you to the past.

Let it go and feel the new energy running through your veins.  



June 6, 2014


When life gives us lemons,


Do we roll over and bury our heads in our blankets?

Do we toss in the towel and give up?

Do we blend those lemons with water and make lemonade?

Do we roll up our sleeves and turn those lemons into a lemon soufflé?

How do you respond to lemons in your life?



June 1, 2014


Be careful of your thoughts


We live in a time where “fear” permeates the air.

We worry about our jobs.

We worry about our family.

We worry about our homes.

We worry about finances.

We worry about our community.

We worry about the world.

When do we not worry at all?


Our futures are created by our thoughts

If our thoughts are filled with worries,

Our futures will not be as bright as they can be.


Choose thoughts of hope.

Choose thoughts of dreams.

Choose thoughts of happiness.

Choose thoughts of abundance.

Choose thoughts of peace.

Choose thoughts of calmness.



May 28, 2014


When was the last time you had fun?


I mean really let go and totally immersed yourself in the experience of having fun?

To put everything aside?

To let go of all the cares in the world?

To be in the experience?

To enjoy the sense of freedom?

Schedule a playdate with yourself or with someone else.

It does not matter if you are fifteen or fifty.

To be at peace with the experience of nothing but having fun is a wonder for our souls.



May 23, 2014


Silver Spoon


Not every one of us is privileged to be born with a silver spoon in our mouth, or even a bronze, copper, or any spoon, for that matter.

Many of us take having a roof over our heads, food on the table, and a nice place to live, for granted.

Some of us don’t realize until we are homeless, ourselves.

Be thankful.

Show gratitude.

Help the less fortunate,

And the Universe will respond in kind.



May 19, 2014


Being You


No one loves you more than you being you!



May 14, 2014


What does being strong mean to you?


Is it someone who can pull a hundred pound truck?

Is it someone who becomes a hero in the face of tragedy?

Is it someone who refuses to give in no matter how hard it gets?

Is it the mom who worked three jobs in order to give her children a better life?

Is it the uncle who supported his and your family because your parents lost their jobs and home?

Is it someone who can show his/her vulnerability and know that is okay?

Readers - I would love to hear from you. What does being strong mean to you?



May 10, 2014


Who do you love?


Do you love your partner who shares every moment of his/her life with you?

Do you love your parents who anxiously pace the hospital room waiting for your arrival?

Do you love your siblings who tormented you as a kid but have grown so close to you as adults?

Do you love your teachers who instill the desire to continue to learn?

Do you love your aunts/uncles who snuck you treats even when you were naughty as a child?

Do you love your grandparents who told you amazing stories of years before you were born?

Do you love your pets who always welcome you home whenever you return from a long day at work?

Do you love your kids who first drew rainbows when kids to cheer you and now spend their first real paycheck treating you to dinner at a nice restaurant?

Regardless of who you love, have you expressed your love?

Readers – Please share how you express your love?



May 5, 2014


Aiming High


We tell our kids to reach for the stars But do you?

Do your kids listen to what you have to say?

Or have they learned by now that what you say is not what you do?

Do you want your kids to change the world?

Are you changing yours?

If you want your child to reach for the stars,

You must, too.

Be the example they can look up to.

For they will change the world.



May 2, 2014




Instead of asking yourself what you can do make money, ask yourself what do you love to do? What would you enjoy doing? And then correlate that to money.



April 23, 2014




The term “family” can be used loosely nowadays

It can be our blood kin, parents, brothers, sisters,

It can be our adoptive family

It can be childhood friends that we stayed in touched with

It can be college friends who saw us through every milestone

It can be the community we live in providing help to each other

It can be the neighbor next door who checks up on us

Family, whoever they are, are people we can turn to when disaster happens, when we really need help, who are always there, regardless.



April 17, 2014


I Want To Be Free


Free from the judgment of others,

Free from the guilt that people lay on me,

Free from the labels people put on me,

Free from words that people use to hurt me,

Free from the lies that others spread about me,

Free from the expectation that I should put others first,

Free from being one of everybody rather than being me.

I want to be free!

I am as free as the bird who decides to fly out of the cage and live.

Live your life as you want.

Don’t let others hold you back on your dreams.



April 9, 2014







Tickle someone.

Send a joke to a friend.

Tell a joke to a stranger.

Blow bubbles in your ice water.

Give someone a hug.

Give yourself a hug.

Act like a mime.

Be spontaneous.


Enjoy all that? Good! Your inner child is laughing and says “thank you.”



April 7, 2014




Spend some time reflecting on where you are going.

Has your path changed?

Have you changed?

What is it you are trying to achieve?

Take time out to refocus, to redirect, to readjust your path.

Know that all destinations are not so straightforward.

Enjoy the ride and be present.



March 31, 2014




Not all choices in life are easy.

Don’t take the easy way out because it’s easy.

Don’t keep your mouth shut because it’s expected.

Don’t lose hope because you can’t seem to catch a break.

Don’t blend into the walls because no one pays attention to you.

Speak up, take action, believe, and shine!

March 11, 2014


Going for the Gold


Many of us seem dissatisfied.

We are unsure what it is we are dissatisfied with.

We search.

We look.

We try to discover.

But it is so elusive.

It’s hard to put into words what we want.

It’s hard to vocalize what exactly is missing in our lives.

We feel incomplete.

What’s missing is...the connection to the heart; the connection to the soul. Following your heart; following your soul might go against the grain of what you’ve been told.

Getting there may be an uphill battle.

From someone going through this battle with an eye on the sliver of the silver lining in the horizon, trust me: It is a battle worth fighting for.



March 7, 2014


Do You Feel What Your Home Feels?


Calm your mind. Center yourself.

Close your eyes. Breathe.

Place your hand on one of the walls in your living room.



Feel the texture of that wall.

What does it feel like?

Gently rub it in a circular motion.

What senses come to mind?

What do you taste?

What do you smell?

What do you feel?

Notice any sensations.

Is your house happy, sad, angry, hurt, etc…?

The walls are our fortress yet they absorb all our emotions.

Repeat this exercise, if so guided, in the other rooms of your house.


March 1, 2014


Cherish Each Day


We all say good-bye to our friends, our parents, our families, etc…after every visit.  We hug and kiss and say “till next time.”  But what if next time never comes?  We believe we have a lifetime to live.  There comes a point in everyone’s life (sooner or later) when we will all cross that line.  Treat each precious day as if it’s your last (or the other person’s last day).  Don't wait until tomorrow to say what you need to say.  That chance might never come.  Don't take others for granted.  They might not be in your life forever.  Laugh, enjoy, have fun with those that matter TODAY.

February 19, 2014



When we choose to help others, where do we draw the line?

We give and give and give.

Sometimes we feel like we give all that we can and we get nothing in return.

No "thank you;" no gratitude; no acknowledgement.

How long do we wait?

Or should we simply walk away?

There is always some give and take.

But when we feel the equilibrium tilts heavily on the giving

Then we have to take a look at ourselves: Do we push receiving away? Do we not accept receiving?

Or is it simply time for a new relationship?



February 13, 2014


Building Relationships

Intimacy and trust are common themes in relationships, for both romantic and platonic ones. Where do you stand with intimacy and trust? Do you run and hide at the onset of a fight? Do you stand your ground until your face turns blue? Do you get physical and throw things? Or do you calmly talk it out? Conflict is inevitable. Lasting relationships involve working through conflict with intimacy and trust. This takes work and it is so worth it.

February 10, 2014


Loving What You Do

Imagine yourself waking up every morning looking forward to the day ahead.

Imagine the excitement that you feel as you bounce to the energy of a new morning.

Imagine the feeling of joy as you are heading to the job you always dreamt of.

Imagine the sense of accomplishment that you are feeling as you tick off the to-do list and realize you are making a difference.

No? Can’t imagine that? What are you waiting for?



It matters.



January 21, 2014


Building a Circle

As we journey forth on our path in life,

We meet many people.

Some come and go, whereas others stay.

We know so many people around the world

Yet the ones that matter the most are the ones within our circle who stand by our side.

They are the ones who stretch out their hands when we are down.

They are the ones who are there when we need them.

They are the ones cheering us on when we lose our confidence.

They are the ones who support us when we feel like no one is on our side.

Who can you call to listen while you complain for 3 hours and they truly listen?

Who can you call when you're stranded at 2 a.m.?

Who can you call to help push you up when everyone around you tries to keep you down?

These are the ones we want in our circle.

I enjoy meeting new people and passing time with them.

I enjoy this tenfold when meeting people within my circle because I know they are there for me through thick and thin.

Take some time today to reach out to people in your circle and invite new ones as you build your circle.



January 12, 2014


Being Outdoors


Find some time today to spend outdoors.

Enjoy the fresh air.

Look at the trees and see how they sway.

Bring an apple, a seashell, or a rock and offer it to the spirit of the land.

Announce your pure intentions.


Hear and feel the whistle of the winds as the spirit responds to your kindness.



January 2, 2014


A Fresh Start


How much “stuff” is weighing you down and how much are you willing to part with?


Some people follow the 80/20 rule, others the 70/30 rule, and for those daring souls, the 60/40 rule. Let’s take a look at what that means.

As we accumulate stuff (gifts, purchases, flea market finds, etc…) over the years, some of it winds up in the trash, some is passed along to family and friends, and some is donated to our favorite charities. The remainder is “stuff” we keep, tucked away in the back of our closet, stuffed in the basement, or otherwise hidden out of sight. This stuff that we hang on to, weighs us down and holds us back.


Imagine keeping your ex’s stuff, even out of sight, but still within your home. If you cannot let go of that stuff, of that energy, you are hindering your own progress in finding the next relationship.


Simply put, as you take a look at the “stuff” around you, if you follow the 70/30 rule, you keep 70% of what own and get rid of 30%. This clearing out allows for new experiences, new stuff, and new energy to flow in.  Wouldn’t you like to make some room for that?


December 18, 2013


Love is Everywhere


Love comes in all sizes and shapes. Love can come from a child. Love can come from the old man sitting in the park. Love has no container. It is within us and all around us. It matters not if you are poor. It matters not if you are dark skinned or light skinned. It is everywhere.



December 16, 2013


The Circle of Time


Spend your time wisely, with people who you admire. They will propel you upward to heights unimaginable. Make time daily to reach out to someone new. Broaden your network and you broaden your horizon. Guide others as you are moving up. Return the favors that others have bestowed upon you.



December 15, 2013




Words to me are more than mere words. They have the energy of our emotions – love, hope, gratitude, anguish,hatred, despair. Words are equally as important as actions unless words are used to tell lies. Respect the words that you choose, don’t overpromise what you cannot deliver. Your reputation and character depend on them.



December 6, 2013


Be authentic.


There is no one better at being you than you.

You are amazing just the way you are.

Listen to what your heart is telling you.

Block out the naysayers and people who never have a kind word about others.

Look at yourself in the mirror and smile at your reflection.

Be kind to yourself.

You are truly special.



December 5, 2013


A great recipe to help you de-stress:


Play soothing music in the background

Light a couple of candles

Add 3 rose quartzes, 1 amethyst, and 1 tablespoon of Himalayan sea salt to a warm bath

Soak and release all that tension



December 3, 2013


As we celebrate this holiday season, let us remember those who are less fortunate; let us remember to practice gratitude for all that we have. 



November 25, 2013


Sometimes all it takes is one small step for a dream to become reality. Sometimes we need just one person to believe in us and remind us to believe in ourselves. If you are fortunate enough to be that one supportive person, imagine the dreams you can help achieve.



November 9, 2013


Who do you admire? 


Those who lead for the common good or their own benefit?

Those who follow their hearts, rather than follow the crowd?

Those who wake up every day to make their community a better place?

Those who listen to their passion and not the naysayers?

Those who stand up for what is right and choose a voice over silence?

Those who step up or quit when the going gets tough?


Whomever you admire; whatever qualities you admire; do you possess these qualities? 


If you have room to grow to become the kind of person you admire, today is a great day to start that journey. 



November 6, 2013


What areas of your life need improvement? 


What areas are lacking?


Now, take a look around your home. By simply adjusting and moving energy within corresponding areas of your home, you can directly influence specific areas of your life.


What do you want to change in your life for 2014?


Contact me today for an appointment to help you achieve that.



October 20, 2013


Are you moving forward in life? Standing still? Or Stuck in the past? Being aware is the first step.



October 18, 2013


Think only positive thoughts today. They will grow into something wonderfully unexpected tomorrow.



October 17, 2013


Do you know that bathrooms are typically one of the hardest rooms to Feng Shui?  With all those drains, the energy just drains away.  Is your bathroom in the health bagua, relationship bagua, wealth bagua, etc…?  Are you constantly sick?  Do your relationships last?  Is your money constantly slipping through your fingers (more outflows than inflows)?   


Let me help you stop the flow of energy down the drains.



October 16, 2013


Do you attract what you want? 


Money – Do you hoard?  Are you generous?

Relationship – Do you always take?  Do you give and take?

Career aspiration – Do you care only about yourself?  Do you care about others?

Teamwork – Do you always take the reins?  Can you be a follower?

Attitude – Are you negative?  Are you positive?

Knowledge - Do you believe you are always right?  Can you admit when you are wrong?

Power of speech – Do you remain silent?  Do you stand for what you believe in?

Judgment – Do you feel you have every right to judge others?  Can you stand tall when you are being judged?  

Spirituality – Do you believe in only your religion?  Can you accept others for theirs?

Responsibility – Do you blame others for your misfortune?  Do you own up to your own actions?

These are just a few questions to ponder on.  We all ultimately attract what we give and do.  



September 28, 2013


How do you agrue?


I have many friends and family members that argue to win.  For me, it is not about winning. For me, it is about having my perceptions (or knowledge, beliefs) challenged.  I don’t have all the answers. Some of my perceptions are influenced by society, teachers, parents, friends, mentors, emotions, etc…  Does that mean those beliefs are absolutely right? No.  


I have a friend who used to argue to win. Her then boyfriend, now husband, argues for what is best for them.  One argues to prove she is always right.  The other argues for what will enrich their lives. Which is better?


It is not always about winning.  


This could apply to any relationships – marriages, friendships, work situations, family relationships, etc…



September 26, 2013


It’s actually quite interesting that when I took a hiatus from my corporate job about 6 years ago, it was unheard of. Who quits a well-paying job to bum around? (And no, I was not in my twenties). I had the fortunate luck of taking a year-long break. 


Fast forward to today: I’m walking away from another corporate job. This time it is not a hiatus. This time I am literally walking away from the corporate world. After a few months of rest and rejuvenation, I will be dedicating my time (full-time) to One Peace Sanctuary.

Surprisingly or not, I’m not alone. It is no longer unheard of to simply walk away from a corporate job… though I am fortunate. I am intuitively aware and sensitive to energy. By harmonizing the energy within my body, clearing stagnant energy inside and out, and balancing the energy of my space, I can tap into the Universe to support me in all my endeavors. It’s amazing when I combine Crystal Reiki with Feng Shui, an entire package, to co-create my life with the Universal help.


Let me help you co-create your life with the support of the Universal Energy.



September 1, 2013


Love without strings

Love without “if only”

Love without dollar signs

Love without conditions


Love with all your heart

Love with compassion

Love others with all their flaws

Love with your soul


Love in the moment

Love today


Love begins with you


August 31, 2013


It is so easy to struggle through life all alone, never burdening another being. In times of great sorrow, when our bodies cannot hold all those tears, it is the comfort from family and friends that will help us move on and move forward. Know that no one should be left alone to hide their tears from the world. We are all connected one way or another.



August 9, 2013


There are some things in life you must be willing to risk in order to get. 

If you want to fall in love and meet your soul mate, you must be willing to risk having your heart broken. If you want to succeed in life, you must be willing to risk failing. If you want to manifest the life that you want, you must be willing to let go of all your fears.  



August 2, 2013


There is nothing wrong with using the ego unless you have the “me, me, me” syndrome. 



August 2, 2013


If you want to see changes in the world, you need to lead by example. 



July 31, 2013


We are all born intuitive.  We all possess intuition.  The more your trust your intuition, the stronger it is.  The more often you practice utilizing your intuition, the stronger it is.  Our intuition will inevitably guide us down the right path whether or not we can see what’s around the corner. 



July 19, 2013


People’s thoughts on money seem to be coming up a lot lately.  Please be mindful of what you think.  You are attracting "more" lack of money or abundance into your life with your thoughts about money.



July 6, 2013


Body layout with 6 (different varieties) azeztulite. 

Visions of darkness and light, despair and kindness, fear and love...we can't have one without the other.


We have both within each of us. When we accept and acknowledge both sides, we accept who we truly are.



July 3, 2013


Green Aventurine is a very good stone for an ailing plant.  Place a few pieces on top of the soil in the pot, water as required, and watch the plant thrive again.  



June 29, 2013


As the moon is in the waning phase of the cycle, this is a good time to release and let go of one bad habit or one unhealthy attachment or one negative thought.


  1. Write down on a piece of paper what you would like to release.

  2. Light the paper (preferably outside) on fire in a fireproof bowl.

  3. Let it burn completely to ashes.

  4. Set the intention that you are ready to let it go.

  5. Toss the ashes into the wind.

  6. Visualize yourself letting it go and filling with love.

  7. As an extra bonus, hold a piece of Kunzite to boost self-love.


June 23, 2013


It is never too late to right a wrong.  We have all made mistakes.  We have all hurt other people purposely or accidentally, directly or indirectly.  I was fortunate that I was able to say I’m sorry to all the people I had hurt, to all the people I had wronged.  For those that were just too hard, I wrote “I am sorry for…” , lit the paper on fire, and then let the wind carry the ashes away.


Over time, the baggage that I had carried throughout my life slowly dissolved and I was able to let it all go.  It wasn’t an overnight process but I am no longer weighted down by my past.  


Let go and set your spirit free.  



June 16, 2013


Live your life out loud.  Don’t allow someone (or yourself) to mute who you are in order to fit in.  You will attract the right people into your life by being your authentic self.  



June 15, 2013


Consider tipping your hairdresser, paying bills, etc. in a Chinese red envelope to attract money luck into your life.



June 14, 2013


Do you find yourself losing friends?  I mean friends you once were chummy with and hung out with but they simply slowly exited your life.  


I try to be cognizant of my actions or inactions, as they impact on others and how they are perceived.  I put myself in the other person’s shoes as I think about how my actions would affect them.  I had once invited what I thought was a friend, a number of times for a visit to my apartment.  She never came.  That speaks volumes.  I know I am a little scattered sometimes and have to cancel on someone, but imagine if that person is looking forward to getting together and had turned down other invites.


We act, we do, we respond dozens, hundreds of times in a day.  Be aware, be cognizant, understand how the other person would feel by your actions or inactions.  



June 12, 2013


We are taught at a very early age not to be comfortable in our own skin.  We live in a society where people emulate celebrities, movie stars, pop singers, and other people.  What we have is only valuable when it’s envied by others.  


I choose not to follow for the sake of following.  I choose to pave my own path.  I choose to emulate myself, be my original self.  I choose to value compassion and love above all else.  It is okay for me to be me, just as it is okay for you to be you.  Celebrate your uniqueness.  We are all here to bring our gifts into the world.  I look forward to seeing the world welcoming your gifts just as it has welcomed mine.  



May 31, 2013


We are often lost within ourselves, consumed with our own daily tasks, chores, to do list, etc. Our thoughts are focused on finances, health issues, ambition, and career growth.  Have you stopped and wondered if your neighbor’s kids have enough to eat?  Have you stopped and wondered whose sister you just passed by sitting homeless on the sidewalk?  Have you stopped and wondered how many hours the cashier at your favorite takeout restaurant has been on her feet so she can provide for her family?    



May 17, 2013


Some people might say happiness is a frown turned upside down.  That might work in the short term.  Pretending to be happy might seem to help us, but it’s actually detrimental in the long run.  We might disregard this one small thing, then another, and so forth until we become numb to it all, to life.   Or we might wonder why we aren’t happy.  Or what is wrong with us. 


For long term happiness, it goes deeper, it goes to our core.  We have to look deep inside ourselves and find what truly makes us happy.  Some people get there through meditation.  Some people get there by exploring different interests.  Some people get there by trial and error.  


When we live authentically, our spirits soar, and happiness is simply a non-issue anymore.



April 29, 2013


How does one give unconditional love?


I don’t have the answer.  I am learning just like everyone else…learning the art, learning the practice…of loving without judgment, without limits, with my whole heart and soul, to love unconditionally through time and space.  It’s a journey that I started before my birth, a journey that will continue after my death, a journey that I am on.  I wish to learn how to give love unconditionally, to see past the physical body, beyond the illusions, to the core, to the shining energy within every one of us.



April 21, 2013


We are infinitely more powerful when we co-create our lives with the universe from a heart-centered space.


April 21, 2013


When we start clearing out the old and letting go of the past, it can be very overwhelming.  Open your heart and accept the help that comes your way.   You are not only helping yourself but also the person who is helping you.  You are acknowledging his/her generosity to the universe. 



April 20, 2013


Quick way of attracting luck…

Do something for someone else without any expectation in return (and that does not benefit the doer).


Want lots of luck…?

Do something for someone else without any expectation in return times 10, times 100, times 1000 (and that does not benefit the doer).


When?  How soon will I attract luck...?

The cosmos doesn’t follow our time clock. 


How will I know? 

You might not.  One simple act of kindness today might create a ripple of lucky circumstances down the road.  


Yeah, right...

I have had some very lucky periods and some very dark days.  I noticed when I give 110% helping others, things magically work out.  I end up being at the right place at the right time, in the right sort of circumstances.  


When we are consciously helping others for the sole purpose and enjoyment of helping others, we are inevitably attracting luck from the cosmos.



April 11, 2013


We are often told by society, by our parents, by our teacher, by our friends, by everyone...what to do, what we want, what our goals should be, what our relationship status should be, etc.  We listen to everybody else but forget to listen to our own true voice.  Over time, we forget we even have a voice. 


Going back to who we are, listening to what we really want and need, taking back our choices, and empowering our own voice will lead us further into creating the life we want and more importantly, to have a more fulfilling life.



April 11, 2013


Reprogramming what we have been told….to becoming our true self:


There are many ways of discarding what we have been told and remembering who we truly are.  There are meditation exercises, healing retreats, nature excursions, and many other things.


As my true self shines forth, these are the steps I took to get there.


Letting go of the past

Letting go of the past covers so much which is probably why it is so difficult. Letting go encompasses forgiving ourselves, forgiving others, forgiving our parents, letting go of the circumstances, letting go of the emotional attachments.  Letting go does not mean not remembering.  It means letting go of the pain, the tears, the anger, the hurt, the disappointments, and the regrets we have created and associated with the past. When we let go of the past, when we are ready, when we can, we will feel lighter and more present in the now.


Toning down the ego

Ah, the ego, always present, always in the forefront.  We live in a world where "me, me, me" is the norm.  We live in a world with: I want, more is better, bigger is better, success at any cost, etc.  We strive for perfection.  We create a life filled with things.  We present a façade of a successful self to the world.  And then we wonder why something seems to be missing.  When we set down our ego, open our hearts, listen to our intuition, hear our souls, see beyond the obvious, we acknowledge our true essence and become who we are meant to be.


Practicing self-love

It sounds so simple, "so…of course we love ourselves", yet attaining total self-love is ever so elusive.  Even the brightest, most successful, gifted people might be driven, driven by their egos and not possess true self-love.  We are taught at an early age to seek admiration, love, and acceptance from our parents, our teachers, our friends, our community, and other people.  What truly matters is admiration, love, and acceptance of ourselves.  When we love ourselves totally, we love ourselves without conditions, we accept our flaws, we empower ourselves.


Letting go, setting down the ego, and being committed to self-love are not easy.  It is a continual work in progress.  We need to be reminded of the process.  Sometimes we need to take one step back in order to move two steps forward.


I sometimes need to remind myself to be more mindful, but it is a process worth taking as I can hear my soul singing, feel absolute love from every pore in my body, and be in harmony inside and out.



April 7, 2013


Feed your soul with crystal energy…


Kunzite helps open our heart to give and receive unconditional love. 

Carnelian helps enhance our sexual energy. 

Hematoid Quartz helps us stay balanced and focused, assisting us to complete tasks.  It also more importantly, strengthens our livers.



March 29, 2013


We live in a world filled with stress, deadlines, and demanding people. There are 3 stones in the crystal world that are ideal for such situations.


Carnelian is for that extra boost of energy when it’s been a long day and you are expecting a long night.  Jet is a very grounding stone and helps balance your personal power with that of a demanding client. Selenite is an all-around staple in the crystal world.  It lightens up the air, removing negativity from the room.  It helps you clear your mind.


Holding onto these stones and/or using them as decorative pieces can make your day a little less stressful.



March 24, 2013


When you wake up in the morning and look into the mirror, what do you see?


Do you see a beautiful woman/handsome man in the mirror?  Do you see an amazingly talented individual looking slightly dishevel staring back?  Do you feel the pure and divine love at that moment?  You should, because that is who you are.



March 23, 2013


The greatest gift, yet the hardest task, is to love yourself unconditionally (and not beat yourself up for the little things).



March 19, 2013


Relationship is another hot topic in Feng Shui.  We all want harmonious relationships, especially the romantic kind.  It is, therefore, very important to know where the relationship bagua falls in your home.  There are a number of ways to enhance this area.  If you want more passion, place red candles in this area.  If you want a supportive partner, place a pair of crystal hearts (one rose quartz and one selenite).  If you want a financially stable relationship, place two healthy plants.  Knowing exactly what you want in a relationship can greatly assist a Feng Shui consultant in designing or redesigning the perfect space for you. 


If the bathroom falls in the relationship bagua, you will need multiple cures in order to offset the energy falling down the drains.



March 17, 2013


To attract a continuous flow of incoming cash, place a cookie jar half full with coins and/or bills either in your wealth bagua or in your kitchen.  Make sure to use some of the cash inside the cookie jar every so often, as well as replenish it with cash every so often.  This ensures a continuous flow, no stagnant energy.


Note: It’s best not to count how much money is in the cookie jar.


Adding a piece of citrine (not the common citrine) or something gold (e.g. gold earrings) will give the energy a little umph...if you wish.



March 14, 2013


We meet many people throughout our lifetime, some we see only in passing while others linger for a little while.  Eventually though, we all do part.  What emotions, what memories come to mind when you think of all the people that have touched you and those that you have touched?  Sadness?  Grief?  Anger?


When we hold anything but love from those relationships, we are blocking ourselves from letting go.  The energies that we are holding leave an imprint in our bodies, which can affect our sacral, solar plexus, heart, and throat chakras.  Those relationships need not be existing (active) ones.  They can be ones we've moved on from physically but are still energetically attached.


It's time to let those relationships go.  It's time to set the energy free.  Each person we meet (however briefly) teaches us something about ourselves. It is this simple awareness that helps us move forward.



March 10, 2013


Our thoughts are so often around “money”.  We are conscious of our spending. We are conscious of our savings (or lack of).  We are conscious of how far a dollar can stretch.  Yet, how many of us are conscious of how we think about money?


If you think you are without, you are.  If you think you are prosperous, you are.  Your energy, your attitude, your thoughts are what is being sent out to the universe and what you will receive.  Are your thoughts paying you dividends?



March 6, 2013


Carrying a green kyanite with one of the heart centered stones can help you discern the truths from the fibs in your daily life.  



February 21, 2013


When I was younger, I hated criticism.  I thought I was being told I was a bad person, doing a lousy job, not being the best I can be.


I realized, after a conversation with someone senior to me in one of my jobs, that if someone really took the time to think about me and pass along helpful advice that can help make me successful, I should be thankful and not angry.


I’ve since adopted this in my personal and professional life.  Whatever criticism comes my way, I think about it with an open mind and a 180 degree perspective.  I make a mental note and move on. 



February 19, 2013

What comes to your mind when you hear of gift giving?  What intentions do you set?  What do you expect?

Many people in today's society think of a gift, not as a gift, but as an exchange.  I buy you a gift and you buy me one, too.  I like this so I think that person will too.  If I give a nice gift, I expect a nice gift in return.  If I give, I will be rewarded (karma-wise).


To truly give, is to give without expectations, giving fully from the heart, giving with the pure intention that it brings joy to the other person.  When this happens, it is a truly amazing feeling.



February 6, 2013


To enhance the energy of any space, place a healthy green plant in any room.

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