Welcome! I'm Susan M. Chu. 


I’m Susan Chu. One of my biggest passions in life is living a feng shui life.



Because I have discovered its secrets of deep inner peace, laughter from my inner child, power of manifestation, and most recently…attaining a quiet mind.


Have you ever had internal dialogue where you are your own worst saboteur?


“Are you crazy?”


“You can’t do that!”


“You’re not good enough!”


“What are you thinking?”


Well, I have And I have found a way to transform that.


Let me share a little about myself.


I was in corporate America for about 20 years, in the banking industry. I excelled in my jobs and made excellent money. But, somewhere along the way, I lost my feng shui values. I stopped living the feng shui life. Over time…


  • I was struggling, financially
  • My career stalled
  • I was in a dead end relationship
  • My health was deteriorating
  • And I couldn’t manifest any magical opportunities anymore

I was a total mess. I had hit my rock bottom. I took a long, hard look at myself and what came next was a total shocker to me. I quit my very cushy job. I didn’t quite bounce right back up, but when I did, I had rediscovered the magic in feng shui living. I have an unshakeable deep peace within myself; my inner child could not stop laughing when I rediscovered the feng shui way; I manifested so many helpful people that I can’t even recognize my life from when I quit my job; and I finally attained a quiet mind.


I stopped passing judgement on myself. The saboteur within me got a new job. Whenever I step off the feng shui path, it will lead me back.


There are a lot of people who accept life as being difficult. There are a lot of people who are conditioned to believe that you should struggle through life. I disagree. For me, life is about attaining inner peace and conquering life challenges. What I see is many people trying to find some semblance of peace in a very chaotic world.


It is so wonderful to sing to my favorite songs and not hear “Please, don’t sing. You can’t sing.” from within me.


My clients include a wide variety of professionals: entrepreneurs, artists, expectant moms, corporate professionals, etc…. What they all have in common is they want to change their fate, believe the Universe will work with them, and are ready to do whatever it takes. Our work together helps them attract the right relationships (mentors, teachers, and partners); inspires passion for their careers; and enlightens them to love their lives. It can do the same for you.


If you are ready to step into that life and commit to loving your life, I’d love to schedule a complimentary 15 minute call. Please email me at: info@susanmchu.com.


Feng shui living is a way of life. It embraces synchronicity with Heaven, peace within ourselves (man), and harmony with our environment (Earth). Many centuries of feng shui wisdom flows through me. I am here to share everything I know to transform your struggles into opportunities and to help you reach your dreams.


Susan M. Chu



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